1. What is Kidzori?

Kidzori is the first web platform that offer various online & offline enrichment program, products, modules + courses with essence of Islamic Values for kids 4-12 years old.

2. Why we create kidzori?

The need to develop affordable programs and introduce the right tools in education and enrichment modules. Kidzori aims to impart Islamic value based on the Quran and Sunnah through educational digital platforms.

3. What is Kidzori’s platform offering?

Education & fun learning beyond classroom. Kidzori is a preferred platform for Malaysian parents to equip their kids with holistic learning experience that are not only affordable but high quality.

4. What can be found in Kidzori websites?

One stop centre for Multiple Skills, Multiple Intelligence & Child Development. Kidzori offers various kids product and merchendise, learning kits, kids attraction and events, monthly theme and challenge with the advise of industrial and education experts.

5. If I’m facing any issue, how do I contact Kidzori?

You can always drop us an email to kidzori.com@gmail.com

6. Can I refund if I can’t attend an event/programs/products?

Yes, you can always request for a refund via email, but all refund are subjected to our refund’s policy.

7. I have a business that provides children’s activities and services, and I would like to list our services and products on Kidzori. How do I become a partner?

Drop your interest by email to us at kidzori.com@gmail.com for further enquiry.

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